City Exhibition
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City Exhibition

Huangdao district hanging sand table

Huangdao district history

Huangdao district of historical figures

Small 360 - degree holographic imaging

Huangdao district of historical relics

The Chinese folk art treasures - MAO cavity

Huangdao district landscape wall

Landscape corridor


Lingshan harbour Exhibition sand

Huangdao district digital sand table

Holographic imaging of 360 degrees

Dong Gu exhibition sand table

Dong Gu mouth corridor

Dong Gu mouth corridor


City Exhibition

       City Exhibition Center, built in 2011, is the first theme pavilion about city development history in Qingdao west coast. With the construction area of 3,600 square meters, and a total investment of 70 million yuan, City Exhibition Center also becomes the window to display city history, culture and urban construction achievement of Huangdao District. In City Exhibition Center, visitors will enjoy a cultural tour, and learn characteristic culture of Huangdao District.