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Mountain Island Story

       Lingshan Mountain Island, also known as Water Island, is located in Huangdao District (formerly Jiaonan) southeast coast. Following the island of Taiwan and Hainan Island, it is the 3rd high island, it is also the highest island in north China. It is 5.7 sea miles away from the nearest point on the mainland, and covers an area of 7.66 square kilometers. The main peak elevation of 513.6 m, and the island has 12 villages, more than 3,000 existing residents. Mountain Island "first day and Shu, no rain clouds before" Peak perennial misty. It gains its name due to misty on its peak.

       As a typical volcanic island, it has 56 hills of different sizes, including 7 or 8 high hills, such as Mountain Ling, Waitoushan so on. The southeast of island was suffered by sea erosion, forming peculiar sea landscape, with a high ornamental value, such as Tiger Mouth, Elephant Trunk Hill, Stone scholar and so on. The island has a floating emerald Pavilion, located at the mouth Chengzi Village, landmark Lingshan Island. Before the northeast end of the island sea cliffs, there is a dark gray stone - "back to the stone." According to legend, it was originally the East China Sea Dragon Palace where one began. One year of the Dragon King's daughter juicy traveled the whole world, found that there are a beautiful island, and she was very fond of the sights here, they live down, but also come back from underwater in this millennium began with her as partners. This is the "back to the stone," the origin of the name. Legend of the Mountain Island Reiki is derived from this, people to commemorate the charity juicy girl on this island called "Water Mountain Island."
       The island fisherman style chic, village or living in the cliff, or at the sea side, or half-hidden in the mountain, terraces, trees, blue sea, red tile, blue sky pavilions, from the sea looked just like a huge floating sea jasper, Lush Therefore once said that "the spirit of the island floating emerald" reputation of the ancient column Jiaozhou Eight. Currently, Mountain Island forest coverage has reached 70%, a "sea Oasis" rare waters in northern China. Fishing around the island is rich in resources, rich in fish, Hoi Chun, suitable for fishing, pickers, sightseeing, adventure, leisure, experience island life style a good place.
       Since ancient times, people from eight aspects of the following words to the Mountain Island were highly summarized: natural, spectacular, clean, beautiful, relaxed, comfortable, quiet and safe.

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