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Qingdao spirit valley net section
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Qingdao spirit valley net section

       Net section with domestic only, huangdao unique seaside Seine activities as the theme, through fishing culture and Marine culture, enlarge the uniqueness, pay attention to fashion and traditional collision, MinSuXing, recreational sex, participation, promote spirit valley Seine section to the normalized tourism product development.Through a series of planning activities can reflect huangdao tourism and the regional characteristic, make spirit valley of Qingdao net section distinct themes, new ideas, colorful fashion, for the festivals, make tourism festival brand with international influence, fully display the brand new image of the west coast of Qingdao economic zone, to further expand the huangdao visibility and reputation.Activities sponsored by the people's government of the original jiaonan, tourism, sports center, and to undertake huangdao development group.Mainly includes the organization to carry out the "mix" Seine experience activity, represent the fish netting, ship repairing, dried fish and other fish life scenes, yu vulgar culture live performances, integrating accommodation facilities drums, fisherman's song duet, marriage of the accommodation facilities and other elements, reproduce the fishermen who made the harvest scene, net return to experience the most fresh seafood, and organize special cuisine, authentic seafood, delicacies centralized exhibition;Activities during the organization to carry out the beach volleyball, beach football fun sports, such as inviting folk artist does not have amorous feelings of the performing arts, to show the spirit section valley net era of fashion, beautiful, dynamic characteristics and the development influence of scenery photography, tourism exhibition, SAN yuan enterprise culture exhibition exhibition series.

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