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China international automobile wing remit
Promulgator: admin    Send date: 2014-10-23 14:40

China international automobile wing remit

       China international automobile wing hui is the domestic first with car culture as the theme of large-scale outdoor activities, in October 2012, the first China international automobile wing remit the balcony in the city cultural exhibition park scenic area, the activity by Qingdao huangdao development (group) co., LTD and Qingdao have a culture media company, will be held for 10 years.This activity will look around the world, focusing on China, focus on car in the future market, to build with Chinese characteristics, the influence of the global auto cultural carnival.Car wing of hui, will fill the blank of the large automobile culture activities in China and expand domestic automobile culture industry.Activities by domestic and international numerous car professional media and mass media attention and participation, the media will car lovers in China with the host, the host will create a gluttonous feast of car culture.

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